Music brings people together and triggers emotions.
This is a great moment for effective branding!
Corporate events, gala business dinners, concert sponsorships, annual sales kickoffs...

The basic intention of these events is to build up positive associations between people and your brand. Effective branding is a lot more than putting logos everywhere. The brand should be incorporated into an event in an organic way. flag‑show meets this criteria.
flag‑show is a small group of electro-dynamic flagpoles. Due to creative design and technology, the flags WAVE INDOOR WITHOUT ANY WIND, just as beautifully as real flags outside!
Return on Investment

While it's true that the flags are decorative, eye-catching visual components of your event, flag‑show is primarily a branding device: it gives your corporation a deeper visual identity. This is where the notion of profitability or Return on Investment (ROI) comes in, because all events should create value with a measurable business impact. In the current business environment, the expenditures of marketing departments are under greater scrutiny.

Rely on flag-show to deliver the best possible outcome!